Friday, October 25, 2013

Another Shocking News

A couple days after celebrate our two years anniversary, I've made appointment with obigyn doctor in padang.

Because last time when I go to the obgyn doctor in bekasi, the doctor said that I had endometrium and need to handle it soon.

Long story short, after they give me a lot of medicine to cure the endometrium, my periods begin to normal.

Back when I was a tenager, my period was around 14 days of more. Maximal days I've had was 17 days periods. When my parents found out about it, they take me to see a doctor. Two different doctor said that's its just hormonal. Not to worry about it. They said that it might happen because I was stress out about my thesis and everything.

But after got married, we've (me and husband of course) insist that I need to check it to the doctor because we wants a lot of children (because he is the only children in the family and I've only have one little brother).

So after 7 month married, I went to doctor to check it. The doctor said that I've got endometrium and needs to take medicine to cure the endometrium

After take all the medicine, i went to see the doctor again, he said that my endometriosis are less than before so we can begin our program to have a children  as soon as possible.

But after see the doctor in padang, I get a shocking news. She take the usg transvaginal to look inside my uterus.

She found out that I've still had some endometriosis or polip (what's have left after that medicine I've took earlier). 

She also mention that I've got kista 1cm, but there's no need to take an operation because the size are so small.

Oh dear, we need to be more patient about that part. Thinking positive, Allah have a better plan for both us. 

God knows how long can I be more patient about all the question why we haven't got a baby yet.

Hopefully all of them need some punch in the head first before they asking their stupid question. 

Why I said the stupid question, because they asking the question before thinking how it affect to the people whose they asking that question.

Stupid question like : 
- why you haven't got a baby yet? Don't you want to have a baby yet? If you get older, it's difficult to gave births you know? 
- do you postpone having children ? Why do you need to postpone? 
- and other bla bla stupid question 

Sabarrrrrrr ����������������
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy 2 years honeyyyyyy

2 years ago at this date 23 October, we are pronounce husband and wife. Those moment was everything, i can still feel it.

The moment like ask your father approval before getting married. I almost can said it out loud and tears are coming even before finishing all the setence.

The magical moment when he said saya terima nikah dan kawinnya Andika Radityani binti Bambang Agus Rukamdo dengan mas kawin emas sebesar ..gram dibayar tunai. And then penghulu ask to the witness, is it SAH? And the audience will said alhamdulillah....

That 15-30 minute moments but it feels like forever. Worth to wait for a lifetime.

Here we are now. Happily married for 2 years and the next year to come...

Can't wait to spend lifetime with him and our childrens.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

You kidding me, right?

Today was surely incredibly amazing.

Kinda amazing between the good and the bad thing.

Good thing from today is finally got my license. الحمدالله

After celebrate me getting the license, think i've meet Miss Runaway today in Kota Kasablanka.

When we (me & hubby) passing one shop to wakai, i see a young woman (fully make up and dressed up like her).

Why i am sure enough its her? Because when we pas her and that man, i've seen her expression : just like her expression when she shock meeting someone unexpected.

When i call her name, she make that confuse face and just walk over.

Blehhhh, i know its her because its really her.

Just can't understand whats the reason and why she act like i am a complete stranger.

Kinda clueless? Is it because i didn't come to her wedding?

Blahhh. Alrighty then if she wants to play that card. Just don't come and tell that have a regret for playing the cards.

It's 2013, time to remove all the bad memory for good.

In my free time, I've seen some quite unexpected news from miss alien.

Girl, you've got to be kidding me, right?

Better go to the store and find a lot of huge mirror, buy it or just standing in front of it.


You want to bring that up?

It's never ever about it.

It's about something more than that.

Never think or make it like a huge deal.

God knows, we're never ever make that as a huge deal about it.


Damn right we've change, but the reason we've change was never ever about it.

Don't even start to humiliate or compromise what we've had before by bring that up.

Seriously, don't.

If you insist bring that up that's mean that what we've had before was never even there in the first place.

The reason why we've change with you was because you're the first person who make a huge wall between us and to make it even worse that you've act like we wants to be close to you just because of it.

Girlfriend, you've got it all wrong

I've known you way before you've becomes today. We don't have any intention about it.

Please be a smart girl like we've used to know.

It was never ever about it. NEVER EVER ABOUT IT

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life oh Life

Life Oh Life ooo Life..... Dudududu...

Life is a bitch which I am sure that everyone knows about it. No need to sugarcoat about it

Not trying or become a bitter person or anything that everyone think of.

But that's the fact

Life is a bitch. Reallyyyyyy.

Sometimes you've meet those call family who treat you like a shit or the worst thing they treat you like some stranger who don't deserve their kindness or help.

Sometimes you've meet those call friend who treat you like their family or the best thing they treat you like you were part of them (family)

Yeah don't generalize people like that, but most of the time if you lucky enough, you've a lot of people in the last group.

Just like mine, although many times (countless) I've meet those call family who torture me (in their own way).

But I am lucky enough because I've been sorrounded by those call friend who treat me like family.

Lucky me ;)

الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ
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Monday, March 11, 2013


Sometimes people can be a bitch

Not most people in the world, but people who thinks that they know you the most

Imagine this :

* When you reach +25 and you still single (haven't see anyone in particular), people start make gossip about it. If they have the nerve, they will come and ask you directly why you are still single? Why you haven't found someone? Why you haven't got married yet

* When you already married but doesn't have a children yet. They will ask why you haven't pregnant yet? They will ask is it you are using the birth control? They will ask is it both of you are deciding not to have the baby just yet?

* When you already have one children ( a toddler) they will tell you : hey, your toddler is lonely now. Why don't you get another kid?

* When you have a baby, they will they you what to do and not to do list as if they were you.

And so many example I can show you how rude people can be.

How cruel people can be to you.

Just because my life doesn't run the way your life run, they think that I am doing things wrong.

My life is perfectly fine as it is.

Stop being a bitch for a moments and stop acting like your living my life

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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Welcome to the world beautiful girl ;)

Hallo world ;)

I am the second niece. My aunty is tata tua ;)

I was born today

My name is Kazahra Febizardi

My Height 43 cm and Weight 1,9 kilo

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hiperplasia Endometrium

After married for 7 months, i decided to visit Dokter Spesialis Kandungan dan Kebidanan. After consults and USG for a while, the doctor told me that i had Hiperplasia Endometrium. What the hell was that?

The doctor explain everything to me and give me a lot of medicine for me. The medicine are to stop the period, and after that stop and my next period are coming, that time i have to visit the docter again.

After went home and tell hubby every single detail the doctor tell me, we decided not to tell my parents because by the end of the month, they will go for UMROH that's why we'll keep it to ourself and tell them when we're home after UMROH.
I browse on the web about Hiperplasia Endometrium. Here's what i found about Hiperplasia Endometrium. 

Gejala penebalan dinding rahim atau hiperplasia endometrium ini biasanya diawali dengan siklus menstruasi yang tidak teratur, bahkan terkadang menstruasi tak kunjung datang dalam jangka waktu yang lama. Bisa juga menstruasi terjadi terus-menerus dan volume darah banyak. Selain itu, penderita Hiperplasia endometrium sering menemukan noda-noda darah di pakaian dalam.

Jika dibiarkan berlarut-larut akan muncul gangguan sakit kepala, mudah lelah, serta tidak bergairah saat beraktivitas. Dampak yang paling parah, selain sulit hamil, penderita Hiperplasia endometrium mengalami anemia berat. Hubungan suami-istri pun terganggu karena perdarahan tak kunjung berhenti. 

Penebalan lapisan dinding dalam rahim dapat terjadi karena peningkatan kadar hormon estrogen. Peningkatan estrogen dipicu oleh pertumbuhan kista. Pada kasus lain, penebalan dinding rahim juga terjadi karena faktor ketidakseimbangan hormonal, ketika peningkatan hormon estrogen tak diimbangi oleh peningkatan progesteron.

Kondisi ini juga biasanya dialami oleh wanita yang bertubuh gemuk karena produksi estrogennya berlebihan. Hiperplasia endometrium dapat dialami siapa pun, baik perempuan yang telah melahirkan ataupun belum.

Terjadinya penebalan dinding rahim biasanya hanya bisa diketahui oleh dokter setelah melakukan pemeriksaan ultrasonografi (USG). Namun untuk memastikannya perlu dilakukan kuratase.
Hasil kuretan dinding rahim akan dikirim ke bagian patologi anatomi untuk didiagnosa.
Berdasarkan kajian medis, penebalan dinding rahim ini dibedakan menjadi 3 kategori:
  • Simplek. Penderita dengan kondisi ini tak perlu cemas berlebihan karena Hiperplasia simplek tergolong ringan dan takkan berakhir dengan keganasan sehingga penderita tetap masih bisa hamil.
  • Kistik. Seperti halnya simplek, kasus ini tak berbahaya.
  • Atipik. Kondisi yang satu ini mesti diwaspadai. Atipik cenderung merupakan cikal bakal kanker.
Pengobatan yang bisa ditempuh adalah:
  • Tindakan kuratase selain untuk menegakkan diagnosa sekaligus sebagai terapi untuk menghentikan perdarahan.
  • Terapi hormon untuk menyeimbangkan kadar hormon di dalam tubuh. Namun perlu diketahui kemungkinan efek samping yang bisa terjadi, di antaranya mual, muntah, pusing, dan lainnya. Rata-rata setelah menjalani terapi hormonal sekitar 3-4 bulan, gangguan penebalan dinding rahim sudah bisa diatasi. Jika pengobatan hormonal yang dijalani tak juga menghasilkan perbaikan, terapi akan dilanjutkan dengan obat lain. 
The doctor told me that this Hiperplasia Endometrium in me wasn't dangerous.  

Finger Cross ;) Bismillah ;)

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Year ago

One Year Ago today was a step ahead to our next big moments which is Engagement Days.

My Engagement Days was held on 28th May 2011.

I still remember how i felt on the that day.

A Week before the Engagement Days, everything was wrong in my eyes.

Every single thing was wrong in my eyes and to make it even worst : when i have a lunch at the office, i only eat half portion of my lunch ;)

The night before the Engagement Days, i barely can't sleep think about what would happen tomorrow.

The morning have been busy all day long prepare all the detail for the Engagement Days and when i see Him and the family come, i almost run to front door to welcome them. 

But unfortunately my aunty and uncle made me stay at the house and start threat to keep my blackberry the whole day.

The big moment finally come when Uncle Syaiful asks to me : 

Jadi gimana jawaban dari Andika atas Pinangan Abdul Rozak?

Dika : (maksud hati teriak bilang I DO) eh yang ada cuma ngangguk.

Lebih malu pas Om Syaiful bilang : seorang gadis itu diam adalah jawabannya. Kalo dia diam itu jawabannya. Nah ini andika mengangguk, berarti jawabannya SUPER SUPER IYA

Dan semua orang ketawa (refleks ngakak sama jawaban dika kayaknya) 
Ah the Engagement Days always bring good memory and energy ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Bye Dear You ;)

After last night having #obrolanabsurdsamaabang.

We talk about the Miss Alien and end up with conclusion : just let it go and don't do anything ;) just watching from the distance ;)

Here some of my word about that :

How's can't I miss the good old days? Damn Surely I miss the good old days.

Us Together having fun and talk about everything & anything but it takes two to tango.

If someday you'll miss the good old days, you'll know how to find me ;)

If you want it, I am sure you'll find a way.

Just don't come up to me with some lame excuse ;) I don't need it ;)

Kinda tired with all that lame excuse you give ;) Its just not make sense anymore. Nothing make sure anymore.

If you want it, you can make it ;) Its all about intention ;)

But somehow I'll know the time come to let it go ;) and when the time is come, I'll make sure let it go and won't look back either ;)

If I amn't mistaken, your the one who keep saying please don't keep the distance, don't change. But you are the one who keep the distance and change ;)

Its take two for tango. ;) I'll let it go and won't look back for good. Good bye ;)

Take good care dear you ;)
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Forgiven but not forgotten

forgive but not forgotten yaps that's like a slogan in the movie but right now that's what happen in my life right now

Haven't see her after my big day and she is the last person on earth I would like to meet, just when I thought won't meet her, there she was. Friday 11 May 2012 I meet her after my weeding ;)

I don't know how and what should I respond with it.

She start to tell about her on going study and all I do just listen what she said without looking at her

I just can't help to pretend that everything is all right, not after what she done to me.

The last 10 month working for her was like working with the devil. Even the devil has its own mercy for others.

After short conversation (that's definitely not a conversation but listening all her story), I had a flashback from the past 10 month.

The night when relax after going all day long, I received a phone call and its from her.

She talks to my mother about her thought after talk to me on the afternoon.

She said : "Quoted from her : i want to talk with dika but I can't do that because of babo. I want to tell her just because we ended our professional but not personally. Forgive me"

Dear aunty I already forgive you but forget everything you've done to me its impossible ;)

Forgiven but not forgotten ;) 

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