Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Go ahead then

Life are so unpredictable

Sometimes we have victory moments and sometimes we have darkness moment.

Life are full with many surprised event that come unexpected.

Nobody will have their darkness moment Forever and vice versa. Nobody will have their victory moment forever.

Sometimes we had to deal our own drama in life that need a lot of energy from ourself. 

Sometimes there's a lot of thing happens in our life that catches everyone attention.

No matter what you do (either good or bad) people always talk about your personal life.

For me personally, I don't give a damn about everyone opinion/gossip/rumours about my personal life. 

I don't own any explanation to anyone else about what happened in my personal life.

What's happening in my personal life isn't none of anyone business and it's doesn't involve national security. 

So by all means go ahead start spreading any rumour about me :

  • me being reckless wife who couldn't take care her husband
  • me being unfertil wife who can't gave him a children's
  • me being stubborn wife who can't understand her husband
  • me being the most boring wife who can't make her husband happy
  • me being the most happy wife that being left by her husband
  • me being the most stupid wife who can't keep her husband happy

Honestly I don't give a damn about what gossip or rumor about me because they don't know what exactly happens behind close door. The reason because they don't know : 

  • how many night I've cried myself until I sleep
  • how hard I to extinguish the love i had inside
  • how hard I try to convince that the person I used to love had changed into a complete stranger, later I found out that is him being the real him
  • how hard I try to put a big fat smile in my face after that huge storm in my life
  • how hard to wake up every morning and pretend still excited about the future
  • how hard to pretend that huge storm never bother me
  • how hard to pretend that I am totally fine
  • how hard try to hide everything I've felt inside
  • how hard to hide all the emptiness I've felt inside
  • how hard to hide that I don't have the desire to make all of my dreams come true

So I don't really care about people opinions about my personal life, as long my family and friends know exactly what I am going through.

So by all mean, just go ahead because you had my permission to do that