Friday, 16 February 2018

Another Doomsday


The day that I fear the most are happens today.

Mom and dad already suffer enough since my divorce and every consequences that came with it

Dad have more than enough in his plate to worry about this stupid little stuff

Mom also have to leave with a fact that her daughter being left out by the cowardly ex husband

Now these, she have to accept the fact that her son has an awfully wife.

Today, finally see her true self. What lies beneath those beautiful, sweet little girl have an ugly personality.

She is yelling, screaming, throwing some stuff. She is being rude to her, right in front of Alka 😬

Sadly, I can't do anything else about it.

I am really really sorry mom and dad, both of you have to relive the same nightmare 😫

She even dare to accused me said a lot of bad word about her to mom. What the fuck !!!!!!!!!!!!

What's in it for me ?!!!!!!?!?!????

Hope one day, she'll regret every single thing that she said to mom and won't able to do anything about it

She remove me from every social media like path, Facebook, Instagram.

No matter how much you hate me, your husband is my only brother. Nothing she can't do to change that