Thursday, 22 July 2010

orat oret

Something strange happen to me today...

Whole day, my emotion was like a damn roller coaster *doesn't mean exaggerate but that's what i really feel today* 

I guess that still shock about that whole friend thing that i thinks it worth to fight for but turn out to be something useless... 

Its happen again just like they said history repeated itself... 

Disappointed, angry, sad and everything in between were mix 

The old scars were suddenly pop out just like a story that had an episode... 

Never thought it would happen again and again... 

I guess its really my fault because being a wimp and afraid to do something that i should do in the first place... 

Being a fool cause think i might found the antidote for this toxic 

But then i was wrong again 

Well its already happen and there's nothing i can do to fix it... 

Won't look back and regret everything 

This time i will do what i should do a long time a go.. 

Good bye.. 

Take good care yourself dear friend 

Its time for me to take care myself, pursue my dream for the future... 

Sunday, 18 July 2010

conquer the world

Just like everyone when i was a little girl, i had a dream about how i should live my own life when i get older

As time goes by when grown up, that dream i had was revise a several times

Sometimes my dream was just too good to be true but what do i care, its just a dream

Now after what i am going through lately, i am not sure again about my dream anymore and i don't know whether i still want to make my dream come true

Some of my dream come true and some are still on progress but i still had so much dream in my mind that i want to make it come true in my life

Even though its still a long road to fulfill my dream but i know that i shouldn't give up that easily

Even now i had some bumpy road in my life that need a hard work to make it right but i won't give up that easily

When i look back at the other day, the day i almost give up because i thought i can't continue to fight anymore, that i almost take everything that offering on the table (even thought i now that i deserve more than that) but my other side of me said why don't you give it a try? There's no harm of trying something different

The other side of me said : why should i take those different thing as a good opportunity? Why should i give it a try when i know exactly that's not what i really want?

What does it feel when everyone suggest that you should try those different thing even they know that i don't feel like to enjoy it or even had my soul in there?

What does it feel when everyone told you to do those different thing because they actually care about you and don't want to see you drawn..

Even they know those different thing wasn't your biggest desire, your biggest dream but they told you to do because they simply hate see you drawn

I don't know about it and its so complicated

But how i must living those different thing when i know that i simply don't have any kind of interest on that

I won't give up and let my self drawn

I guess it just some small rock in my live that need to be fix

I will survive because at the end of the day that i will tell everyone : see i told you so :p