Sunday, 24 May 2009

comfort zone

Everybody has their own comfort zone that makes them feel happy, excited and any other feel that indescribably by any word *berlebihan ya kata-kataku*.

Btt, comfort zone are not forever because it has time limit.

Once the time has reached the limit, you just had to find another comfort zone.

The cycle will start all over again and again but the cycle will reach its expired when peoples has reach their time limit in earth a.k.a died.

What will you do when ur comfort zone are about to change dramatically for good and there is no better way to solve it.

The only way to solve it is that you had to go to another untouchable place that never even exist on the map.

What will you do?

Will you finally go there or you will stay on your comfort zone and face whatever the consequence that came a long?

What will you choose?

Is it for real or just another fake fatamorgana mixed with worst illusion?

why these days everything run very fast like a flood which will sweeps everything 

whatever comes in front of them

Why lately everything seems too damn perfect and i hardly to believe it!

This time for real or is just another fake fatamorgana!

What should i do?

Should i live with it and take whatever the consequences will come a long or should i run away from it and pretend that was never even exist?

Is this some kind of illusion that perform its show for a while?

I had enough with some fake fatamorgana that only last for a while!

I Had enough also with another fake illusion that I'd though will last forever!

I Had enough with those kind of craps!

Is this reality or another damn fake fatamorgana and another worst illusion?

Is it for real or just another fake fatamorgana mixed with worst illusion?

Please show it or better yet please explain it so i can figure it out and stop asking a thousand question that start with why...

Done writing!

Makin Bingung

the longer you know people there is possibility you know a lot of thing about that person....

This is not about love story but its about friendship thing....

This is a story about one of my very best friend. I've known her since college at 2002 *kalo ndak salah*

but we become best friend since 2004 after that huge hurricane friendship that happen to me...

I think i've known all about her *her profile, character, and everything* besides that we've had something in common that makes ur friendship becomes more special....

but nowadays since we are so damn busy so we haven't meet yet and i was clueless about her...

Tadinya kupikir semakin lama ikatan persahabatan aku makin mengerti tentang sahabatku satu ini tapi ternyata salah karena ternyata saat ini aku bahkan tak lagi punya secuil petunjuk tentang dia...

Maaf selama rentang waktu yang ada dan akan terus berjalan, aku belum bisa menjadi sahabat yang baik bagimu yang bisa menemanimu dikala suka dan duka yang kerap datang dalam hidupmu.....

Mungkin kau masih ingat definisi naifku tentang persahabatan... Its all about take and give to each other...

I don't feel that anymore from our friendship....

I'd always thought its because u don't want to make me more stress because you know that so many things that i need to work on.... *thats what u said*

But something pop ups in my heart that's not the real reason u gave to me.

Is it because that you don't trust me anymore?

Is it because that you've become bored enough with the whole friendship thing?

Well you might say i exaggerate everything but that's true and that's what i feel right now...

And this thing is happen again for the seconds time *well you probably don't remember the first time*

Jadi bingung sebenarnya apa makna persahabatan kita dari sudut pandangmu.

If you though that it'll be there for you only at good times, you are so wrong....
For me, friendship is all about take and give and be there for my best friend for good times and bad times...

*maaf kalo bahasa yg ditulis terlalu berlebihan tapi itu semua yang kurasa saat ini*

Akuarium Resto

akhirnya hunting makanan lagi sama papa,mama,kudil..

namanya akuarium resto. dekorasi ruangannya sesuai dengan namanya, buanyakkkkk akuarium yg penuh dengan ikan2 bahkan dimeja kita ada akuarium mini yg diisi ikan kecil lucu yg mengenaskan ups maksudnya menggemaskan  jelir

menu yg tadi dicoba ituh :
  • Gurame asam manis kecil tapi porsinya guedeeee aja. lezaddddddddd laparlaparlaparlaparlaparlapar
  • Udang saus padang. Yummyyyyy. Udangnya gedeeeee banget plus pedesnya muantappppplaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlapar
  • Udang mayonaise. Lezaddd sayang udangnya kecil trs porsinya gak sebanyak udang saus padang laparlaparlaparlaparlaparlapar
  • Sop gurame. Baru denger kan sop gurame, kudil gak komen apa2 yg berarti makanannya muantappp meski ada insiden makan daun sereh laparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparjelir
  • Es campur... nampaknya biasa aja cuman yg bikin beda ituh porsi es campurnya guedeeeeee puassssss.. ada insiden kecil sampai akhirnya kudil minum es campur pedas saus pedang *hihihihi* maaf ya dek -_-'jelir
  • Jus mangga... Ya layaknya jus mangga biasanya.. Yg bikin rada unik itu gulanya dipisah di gelas tersendiri *padahal papa gak minta dipisah*jelir

Puassssss sekaliiiiiiii laparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlapar Mengenyangkan sekali malam ini hihihihi laparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlaparlapar

Besok latihan ahhhhhhh