Wednesday, 11 October 2017

blood ain’t thicker than water

Whoever said that blood is thicker than a water probably never meet my extended family for sure.

Blood is thicker than a water means family bonds are closer than those the outsider. in other words, those whose related by blood (relatives) are connected more intimately than those who are connected by water (non-relatives)

Call me cynical or bitter, but that kind of conditions would only exist in an imaginary world. Sure as hell it does not exist in real life especially my life. 

I always know there is something about those people that bother me. Not sure what and why I am thinking that way about them since half of them is an older relative

I shouldn't never ever question their intention or even motive, yet I am questioning every single thing.

Now everything is clear, why the hell I am feeling and thinking like that.

Whenever there's sugar, most definitely you're gonna find an ant crawling to take that sugar with them.

The same thing when you're somewhere in good condition, everyone mostly will come and consider you as their family because they have ulterior motives

When they can't have whatever they want from you, they would walk away and that's true when you're in a really bad shape.

Well honestly, my family are in really bad shape for now and all those people whose said mostly fabricated nice things are gone.

When you're in nice life mode, suddenly everyone wants and need to be near you. They would say every sweet thing to you and vow whatever they want from you, they will have it whatever it takes to have whatever they want. 

Hell, they would sweet talk and pursue to have whatever they want. 

Once they realize that your life screws up and in a deep black hole. 

Once they realize that they can't have whatever they want from you, they definitely walk away from you and won't even bother to help you most when you need it the most

Even though you beg them to help you out, believe they won't even bother to help you 

So yeah I don't buy those crappy words ever again