Thursday, 14 July 2016



I guess these day people are easy to said those thing like i like you, i miss you, i love you things.

What happen to the good old days? 

What happens to get to know each other first, a little chit chat and then when both parties having the same spark decides to be more than just a friends

I guess that simple thing doesn't exist anymore

Nowadays they just want to be in a relationship before getting to know each other better. 

I mean how can you know someone in just day or even less than months.

Maybe i was asking too much or perhaps i am not used to all of this.

I mean after whats the worst nightmare in my life, it's obviously that i have become a cynical, bitter when its comes to love.

Yeah well i didn't write in my blog just for fun or want to have an unnecessary attention from people.

For me those word like : i like you, i love you, i miss you are a sacred word and because of that, all those word only comes from me when i really feel the emotion. 

Still doesn't make sense how can you said those thing and even said something like i would convert to Islam though. 

Well hate to being the bad girl for saying this : i am really really sorry for not believing every sweet word or promise thing. Don't take it personally because it's not your fault. I just wasn't believe about love anymore.

Right now the last thing in my mind are having a new relationship

Right now all i want to do are work and enjoy my life without relationship drama. 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Falling in Love

Falling in love

Everyone in the world would probably experience fall in love

Fall in love are the greatest feeling in the world and it was fantastic when you're with Mr/Mrs Right but falling in love will be a nightmare comes in life when you're with Mr/Mrs Wrong

Fall in love is like a ghost because everyone talk about it most of the time but only a few people have seen it

Fall in love is when you're willing to fight against the world just to be with the one you're love.

Fall in love is when you're willing to put that person first before putting yourself

Fall in love is when you're willing to give up everything you have to be that person

Fall in love is when their smile and happiness means the world and everything to you

Fall in love is when their happiness means everything for you and you're willing to do everything to make them happy

Fall in love is when their sadness becomes a nightmare and you're willing to do everything to put a big fat smile on their face

Fall in love is when you're eagerly want to spend all the times to be with them and nothing will comes between you and them

Fall in love is like a diet pill because you have to decrease the amount of love but you still want to have the healthy love. (it's the worst definition of love)

Fall in love is like having your favorite food because you can eat your favorite food everyday and never get sick of it

That's my definition for falling in love. What's your definition for falling in love?