Sunday, 29 March 2015

Had Enough

Dear abang,

If you finally read this post, i might not be there beside you anymore.

All i can say is that I've had enough of your Bullshit, lie and the attitude.

I've had enough of all this and decided to walk away not because i don't love you anymore.

You've might not know that I've know everything, every single thing you do behind my back. 

Instead of telling you that I've know everything, i just kept it for myself. I have all the evidence with me.

I've kept all the information just for me, hoping that you will change. But i guess that i am wrong. 

You should know the reasons that I've kept the information is somehow i still believe that i am still the only and the last girl for you for now and forever.

I realized that i ain't perfect. I gave you freedom and the trust, but you just prove me that i am wrong. You just like the other guys.

I've believed every single information about you and her (i ain't gonna mention her name but i am pretty sure you know who the hell i am talking about).

I've found a piece of paper written your name and her name. To make it even worse, i found every single evidence that you cheating behind my back. I ain't sure about believing you anymore.

I know that i ain't perfect wife that you've dreaming about. 

I realized my mistakes and try to be a better person.

I know she's not the only one that you've been cheating behind my back. 

Again i kept it again for myself and crossing my fingers hoping that you will change.

I've found confirmation booking hotel  in pop hotel under your name. 

If only you know that, my heart is broken into million pieces. Thanks to you.

I know there's a lot of woman out there that you're planning to cheating with. 

In fact that I've found your profile in Twoo. 

In the profile, you clearly stated that your single.

Than who am i to you? Who the hell i am to you? Who the hell i am to you?

I ain't sure how long and how can i survive living this marriage with you if you keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Back then when i said yes about being married with you, i wish and hope that everyone else was wrong about you.

I am hoping that everyone else will realized that they were wrong. 

Hoping that they finally know what i see in you.

But then again, they were right from the beginning. 

So i guess the joke was on me.

I ain't apologize for the years that we've spending time together.

Hope you find your own happiness

Good bye you ;)