Thursday, 22 March 2012

Older but never grown up

Everyone's get older, well that's the fact everyone know but some people never grown up just like him ;)

Well, let's just call him Mr Drama King because he was truly a Drama King because everything can be so dramatize when he said about something ;)

I know just a tiny bit about Mr Drama King.

Long story short, he started to live in my parent's house a couple month before I get married.

A couple month runs smoothly, he is acting properly as his age but doesn't take a long time to figure out how his true character.

Its started out when mom decided to have a new motorcycle.

The original idea is that bike should help everyone go to work (him and hubby of course)

Mom made a deal : everyone can use that bike and whoever use it should have take care properly.

Nothing happen until one day he came home after visit his family

Mom told him that hubby use that bike when he visit his family.

He said : It's fine with me but the problem is he (hubby) doesn't have a license (SIM)

When mom said hubby already have a license, he doesn't said a single word.

Since that, he was acting really childish (not properly act according his age)

Once when he goes to office with the bike (of course), he doesn't told anyone in the house that he goes to bandung and he left that bike in the office

When he get home, doesn't said anything to anyone. Not even a single word saying sorry I left the bike at the office and I don't tell anyone ;)

What's the hell was that (face palm)? 

What's the point?

Why is it he doing such thing?

Doesn't make sense at all ;)

Today he said to mom that his going to bandung and he left the bike in the office and someone at the office would take it home.

His defense that he already told anyone last night


On the way to mbah sapto's house, he just talking with kubilaikhan. He doesn't said a single word not even to me or hubby

Last night after got home from mbah sapto house, me, hubby and him wasn't talking at all.

He only chat with dad about the situation at his office

Meh what the hell!!!!!!

Of course mom and dad won't allow it, and mom said he left with angry (misuh-misuh things)

Yeah sure, some people just get older but never grown up ;)

Turns out that back at his place, his act is just the same as he at my parents house ;)

No comment if that's what happen there exactly the same as this place ;)

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

It happen (again)

Owkey this thing happen (again)

This thing make me more frustration than ever before

First Miss Runaway, Miss Alien now Miss Primadonna

Somebody please tell me what did i done wrong...

What the hell was my mistake?

They just disappear in my life for good right after they have a new life.

What was that?

Its not like i am the jackass who want to ruin their life for good..

I won't do anything like that because they are my best friend

I am happy for them.

I am really really happy for them, for real.

I wish them happiness in their life....

They are my best friend and of course i really really want to see them happy with their new life. 


I just want to know what the hell my mistake was?

What did I done wrong?

Can somebody just tell me what my mistake in front of my face rather than just disappear from my life for good without any explanation

There something just doesn't make sense for me, they all looking for me whenever they have difficult time in their life and desperately need someone to talk to, I'll be there for them no matter what happen ;)

But now as soon as they have their new happy life, they just decided to disappear from my life without any explanation and make me wondering what the hell did i done wrong?