Friday, 12 August 2011

It's not my battle anymore

It's not my battle anymore 

Yup finally i made up my mind and make that decision.

Quite impulsive decision for some people but for me its the right decisio

Geezz I've still remember the whole detail on that creepy day

Friday 22 July 2011 when they inform to everyone to attend that important meeting

On that important meeting, a consultant talks about every single thing that happen 

Pretty shocking when they just give every single information whether we need to know or not

In the middle of meeting, my instinc telling that i should make some huge change and i should take it now before its too late

After that important meeting, i talk to the consultant and ask about the procedure

Based on my judgement that day, he was pretty shock about the decision that i take but he told me about the standard procedure

He ask me a lot of question and explain the whole detail standard procedure

That minute i made all the preparation and i don't wait tomorrow because when i wait until tomorrow, i know that i will change my decision again

So i hand that document on their desk (his desk & her desk) and on my way home, i meet HIM 

I told him about my resignation letter which i already put on his table and he ask a lot of question, mostly about my motivation

Keep on digging but you won't get any information from me 

I Leave with a BIG SMILE on my face
Monday 25 July 2011

She Called and ask me to come to her office

Ask about my resignation letter, the reason why suddenly made that decision, my motivation and then she told me again about the whole 3 month procedure

At the end of discusion, she told me : OK then, you will be here until the end of september 

Tuesday 26 July 2011

He called and ask me to come to his office and then asking the same question, motivation and the reason.

He said that I already discus it with BIG BOSS and BIG BOSS said if we can make it fast why should we postpone it

He said to BIG BOSS, why can he be here at least until Idul Fitri for THR (Yeah right, he defend me after all these time)

He repeat what BIG BOSS said : Don't worry about THR, i know my worker rights and i will give it

He said to me : Mark my promise, you will have what you deserve and BIG BOSS said : Per 1 Agustus 2011 mulai tidak aktif dan kamu bisa disini sampai hari jumat (JEDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)

Omongan bisa berubah-rubah gitu dalam waktu sehari 

The most unbelieveable thing is they don't even bother to give me a chance to think everything again

And When He said : so gimana dika? Per 1 Agustus 2011 mulai ngga aktif tapi kamu disini bisa sampai jumat, gimana?

Dika : Ok then

That day is I realize that i made the right decision to walk out from there

It's not my battle anymore so why even bother to survive there

I made a promise to myself that today will be my last day to be there so i meet all my friend and said a nice and decent goodbye
I made a promise that i won't be there for any reason  at all


Its not my  battle anymore

I should have known better that some people are too good to be true (a spy and backstabber)

Ah sudahlah tak ada gunanya juga

Sudah Kuikhlaskan semua yang telah terjadi disana

Masuk baik-baik dan keluar baik-baik meskipun kenyataannya tidak begitu...

- The End-